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Social Media Marketing Tips

Focus on Your Existing Content

A lot of companies feel like they have to create new content for their business weekly. But what about the amazing content that your company already has? Before you stress about creating new content, look at your existing content to see what has worked well…then redesign, refresh, and reload this content across your marketing platforms. As “they” always say “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

Utilize 1:1 Marketing

1:1 Marketing is a strategy designed to boost a business's relationship with their customers. From sending handwritten notes to a personal email on a customer's birthday...this marketing strategy shows loyalty and an interest in the customer, which ultimately helps strengthen the business to consumer bond. Does your company use a 1:1 Marketing Strategy?

Using Geotags Can Increase Your Company’s Social Media Exposure

What’s a “GEOTAG?” Geotagging is when you “pin” or #hashtag your company’s location, which ultimately increases your discoverability on Instagram. Users can search by places or current location to find businesses near them. If you are located in a specific area or neighborhood you should be tagging that location in your posts, because the algorithm will automatically categorize your business in the search and increase consumer exposure.