Main House Marketing

Personalized Brand Strategies


Main House Marketing is an independent marketing group providing business owners with modern marketing solutions.

Who We Are


Passionate Marketing Professionals

Main House Marketing is a marketing and promotions agency that specializes in providing unique and comprehensive marketing solutions for clients who are looking to expand, promote, and grow their business. 


Our Community Approach

As mothers and business owners, our team not only produces successful and profitable solutions for our clients, we also bring together current stay-at-home moms by offering them the opportunity to work on client projects and use their previous corporate experience in a variety of industries which allows them to stay active in the working world while taking the time to enrich their families.

Success Stories

Southern Aesthetics



Thanks to a comprehensive brand development strategy, social platform launch, and website design developed by Main House Marketing, Southern Aesthetics saw an increase of Digital Marketing traffic by over 180% in the first week alone.

Hendersonville Soccer Club


Main House Marketing designed, branded, and delivered a variety of digital marketing pieces, social media info-graphics, and printable marketing banners for Hendersonville Soccer Club.